Dharma Farm Animal Refuge is located ten miles south of Greensboro, NC in an area known as the Triad (this includes Greensboro’s sister cities Winston Salem and High Point). We are the only vegan Farm Animal Refuge in the Triad. The farm is part of a ten acre tract that also houses Arcadia Lodge Healing Arts Center, a vegan event center.

The Dharma Farm Animal Refuge’s mission is to help enhance well-being and joy by advocating  for non-coercive behavior in all relationships. We will be responsible and kind to the animals who we are able to offer a home to. We will engage people of all ages in learning about nature and animals, which they may otherwise only know about from books or media. We will provide a stimulating environment that engages the imagination and helps people envision a happier, healthier and more sustainable planet and, finally, to encourage people to adopt a plant-based diet.

At this time, Dharma Farm Refuge is supported  almost entirely by  husband and my myself.  My husband Will is a Chemistry professor at UNCG. Here is a link to a talk he has given twice at regional VegFests.

“How eating animals comes back to bite us: from Antibiotic resistance to Zoonotic diseases”:


I am trying to help offset some of these costs by offering events  here at Arcadia Lodge as well as by donating a portion of the profits from activities that happen at the farm in our vegan event center called Arcadia Lodge, which house the Wonderoom (our event and workshop room) as well as our  commercial, “Loving Spoonfuls“, kitchen, which we use for cooking classes, etc.  We now offer our unique Animal Assisted Mindfulness Practice here as well. To find out more about these projects, please checkout our other pages. We welcome and greatly appreciate your interest and support!

dharma farm animal refuge

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