Recipes from The Loving Spoonfuls Kitchen

Recipes from our Brunches, and other events here at the refuge.

I invented my line of Yuba Sandwich “meats” several years ago. I am sharing the recipe here for the first time. The quantities can be varied according to personal taste. The important thing is to create a very flavorful broth that will also stain the yuba or tofu sheets the right color to look like meat.

For delicious bacon, corned beef, sliced turkey or chicken just use this basic recipe and then alter the flavorings as described in the next section.

You can make all these recipes with tofu skin aka yuba. This will give your product a very thin-shaved appearance, or you can also use what are called tofu sheets; these are slightly thicker than yuba and work great for bacon, or for a slightly heartier texture and thicker “slices” of meat. The essential thing is to simmer the separated and torn sheets in a intensely flavored broth for at least an hour and then marinade them in the reduced broth until you use the slices. The broth can be flavored in various ways depending on the type of faux meat you want to make. It also needs to have natural food colorants added that will dye the yuba to make it look like meat. I always add beet powder, or use beet juice as a component of my broth; that adds a red cast to the yuba and a bit of sweetness. I also add tamari sauce, coco powder, coffee, molasses (these add the brown colors), nootch, onion and garlic and then variations such as pickling spices for corned beef. You can use imitation meat bullion cubes in your marinade/ simmer sauce as well. Also, do add a bit of vinegar as that seems to make the texture more meaty and adds to the flavor. Try adding different types of miso, or tomato paste. Add different herbs or spices. or make the basic recipe and flavor with chili powders or BBQ, or Chinese Five Spice, which works great for a Banh Mi Sandwich. Also you may like to sauté the slices in oil after they have cooked in the broth (with onions perhaps) for a Cheese Steak Sandwich. You can use the broth as a dipping sauce for your sandwiches, or as the basis for a gravy.

Basic faux Beef Recipe: I package Tofu Sheets, or Yuba sheets torn or cut to size.

Two cups water plus two cups Beet Juice, or three cups water and 1/2 cup beet powder. I/2 cup Tamari, I/8 cup Cocoa Powder, 1/4 cup Molasses, 1/3 cup Nutritional Yeast, I TBS freeze dried Coffee (use decaf if you like) or add a mug of coffee. 1 TBS garlic powder, 1TBS Onion Powder, 1TBS Paprika. 1/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar, I TBS Black Pepper, 2 TSP Smoke Flavoring, or one teabag of Lapsang Souchong tea, which imparts a nice deep smoky flavor. You may also use liquid smoke, or add one TBS of smoked paprika.

For Corned Beef: Add 2 TBS of Pickling Spice.

For Chicken Flavor: Use Vegan Chicken Bullion to make a strong broth (double the amount of bullion on the package recipe to make a broth with two cups of water). Omit the Tamari and the cocoa powder. Add 1 TSP Poultry Seasoning to the broth, Or I TSP Thyme and 1 tsp celery seeds.

For Turkey: Add 1/4 cup Cocoa powder to the chicken recipe.

To make Bacon: Slice “tofu sheets” into strips before simmering. Add 2/3 Cup Maple Syrup and double the smoke flavoring. After simmering for an hour, cool the strips and then pan fry them in some oil to just crisp them. These are great for breakfast, fabulous in a BLT and they can be crumbled and added to other recipes

Bacon Strips from Tofu Sheets


Friends, If you post any of my recipes on your own page, or variations of them, please let people know that you found the original idea and recipe here. Thank you.

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