Our beloved farm animal friends

This Juniper is a mini “meat” cow. She is not a burger! She moved to Dharma Farm 1/27/19. She was just 12 months old and is the only female among the farm animals. She is adorable and as sweet as can be!
Kooky is our refuge ambassador!
Donkey Oaty and Sancho our the resident fun loving donkeys!
These are our original group of alpacas and goats. Sadly, the little black and white goat, Thistle, as well as Chip, the alpaca on the far right, have both passed away. Having animals get sick and die is by far the most challenging part of having an animal refuge. The white goat is Clover. From the left the other alpacas are Alvin, Zen Cat, Carlton and Rudy.
Our very handsome roosters, Ginger and Basil! Picture is taken from a book about Kooky.
Kids visiting the animals. The white goat in the center of the photo is our newest goat. His name is Bramble. He was incredibly nervous around humans when he first moved here, but has really warmed up to people and will now nibble treats out of our hands.

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